A Guide to the Latest Residential Construction Industry Trends

When it comes to aesthetics and functionality, homeowners usually look to incorporate what’s trending or hot on the market. Whether a homeowner is building a home or renovating a living space, there are many popular designs and construction materials to fit their unique style. Here are some of the latest trends in the residential construction industry.


Separate Laundry Rooms

The number one feature homebuyers are looking for in 2017 is a room for laundry. According to Kiplinger.com, 92% of homebuyers desire a room in which they can wash, dry, and stack clean laundry—and then keep it out of sight until they put it away.


If a homeowner doesn’t have an extra room or closet available for a laundry appliances, the basement is a great location for this addition. Utility lines are already accessible, and if the basement is unfinished, demolition won’t be necessary prior to constructing walls or doors in the space.


Larger Bathrooms

Constructing a bathroom is no inexpensive feat. When it comes to bathroom trends, many homeowners choose timeless designs and construction materials to stretch their dollar further. So what do homeowners want in a bathroom renovation?


The American Institute of Architects reports construction market trends have seen an uptick in simple, universal bathrooms. As more older Americans move in with their children, accessibility is key. Walk-in showers, low sinks, and textured tile or slatted wood floors all offer ease of use and a modern aesthetic.


Increased Light Inside and Outside

Sunlight delivers mental and physical health benefits, and it can make a home feel larger and more comfortable—not to mention potentially reduce energy bills. To achieve this, many homeowners turn to large picture windows that offer an abundance of daylight. According to designlike.com, insulated picture windows are not only beneficial to dark areas of the home that need an infusion of natural light, but they also have fewer gaps through which air or water can leak.


Similarly, homeowners desire adequate light on the exterior of the home, including walkway and patio lights, motion sensor flood lights, and outdoor wall lanterns or sconces. The National Association of Home Builders cites lighting as the most-wanted outdoor feature, with 90% of homebuyers saying they want this feature in their home. While lighting might seem like a small detail, it can increase the safety and comfort of a home tenfold.


Highly-Functional Kitchens

Because they are the daily site of multiple meals and activities, kitchens serve as the focal point and gathering place of the home. A generation ago, individuals in the construction industry experienced high demand for formal dining rooms and small kitchens. Today, homeowners spend much of their day plugged in to phones, computers, and TV, so when it comes to eating, they want the same feeling of casual community.


This means homeowners want large, eat-in kitchens where family and friends can gather to cook, eat, and spend time together. They often require walk-in pantries, double islands, and energy efficient appliances that can serve their needs over time.


Today’s homeowners have specific wants and needs. Staying up-to-date on the latest trends is a vital way to increase your unique value as an individual in the construction industry.



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