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Why Are Skilled Trade Jobs for Women an Excellent Choice?

Women’s contributions to the U.S. labor force are vast. Traditional occupations have changed since women began entering the workforce in large numbers during World War II. As the country continues to blur the lines between gender roles at work, women thrive more than ever. However, women are still underrepresented in male-dominated trade industries.

Education is an opportunity for women to get their foot in the door and succeed in a trade they’re passionate about. What trade programs are a good match for women looking to learn a new skill or refine their knowledge? Check out seven trades for women now.

Residential Service Trades

Strong women across the country are supporting their households, whether they work outside the home, as a full-time homemaker or both. Women trade workers have the unique opportunity to connect one-on-one with women customers in the home who make financial decisions for themselves and their families. According to, women drive 70–80 percent of consumer purchasing. They influence a lot of decisions in a household and are often home at the time of repair or installation, especially in the following industries:

Plumbers may work long hours on a commercial construction site or install water heaters in a residential home. Whatever the job calls for, plumbers don’t back down from the challenge. Women looking to enter the plumbing trade learn to use tools and technologies to solve problems on the jobsite.

Heating, cooling and ventilation help keep indoor spaces comfortable. The industry also includes refrigeration systems, electrical controls and heating systems. Individuals in the HVAC trade are diligent workers with the skills to resolve problems efficiently.

Workers in the electrical field install, maintain and repair power and lighting systems in homes and businesses. The trade requires concentration, attention to detail, and adherence to best practices. Women who enjoy troubleshooting and problem solving may find fulfillment as electricians.

Automotive Trades

As more women choose an automotive education, their visibility and presence help change the industry for the better. In fact, women have been involved in the auto field for decades. Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper in 1902 and Florence Lawrence invented the turn signal in 1914. Today, female mechanics make an impact in auto collision repair shops and automotive garages across the country.

Auto body repair workers improve the appearance of cars damaged by things like collisions, age or rust. They specialize in making cars safe to drive again, as well as fixing cosmetic flaws. With the help of computerized systems, auto body workers mix and apply fresh paint.

Automotive repair technicians help customers who need structural and mechanical maintenance on their cars. They fix the inner parts of vehicles that have broken down and perform oil changes and other basic car maintenance. Women who want an active, hands-on career path may find auto repair is a good match for them.

Building and Crafting Trades

Women who feel more suited to field work than to a desk may add unique strengths to a construction crew. New technologies, tools and equipment mean that these trades are as detailed as they are hands-on.

Individuals in the construction trade build things with their hands. They work hard in residential, commercial or government settings to erect office buildings, homes, schools and more.

Welders use focused concentration, a steady hand and time-tested best practices to enhance, repair or create projects. This field holds potential for women who are strong team players and efficient when they work alone, too.

Why is learning a skilled trade an excellent choice for a woman? Potential entry-level employers are looking for proficient individuals with training. Learn how you can start your journey to learning a trade today by exploring programs at Apex.

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