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Interview Tips for the Electrical Trade

Congratulations—you’re going to an entry-level electrician interview! This is an exciting time, and you’re probably eager to prepare for the big day. To help you be successful, we’ve assembled a few tips, electrician questions and answers, as well as some general advice. Keep reading to find all the information you need to boost your confidence and professionalism!

Practice Electrician Job Interview Questions

Ensure you’re prepared to excel at your interview by practicing electrician questions and answers. When you know what to expect, you can feel more confident about yourself, your skills, the job you’re applying for and the nature of the electrical work you’ll discuss with your potential employer. In addition to electrical interview questions, here are other questions that can help you prepare.

Brush up on interview questions for an electrician with these sample questions:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Tell me about your education/certification and what you learned.
  • Can you describe the electrical systems you have worked on and are most familiar with?
  • Please describe some recent projects you worked on in detail.
  • Tell me about an electrical problem or challenge you couldn’t solve. What did you do to find a solution?
  • If you saw a coworker making a mistake or being unsafe, what would you do?

Finally, don’t leave the interview without asking the employer a couple of questions about the position or company. Asking questions at an electrical interview shows your passion—as well as your interest and seriousness in the role. It also gives you a good idea what it would be like to work in the role. You want to make sure you’re a good fit for them, and that they’re a good fit for you. Ask questions like, “What do you enjoy most about working here?” or “What would a successful candidate in this role be doing a year from now?”

What to Wear to an Electrician Job Interview

How do you want to present yourself at your job interview? Physical appearance is a priority, and it’s a good idea to wear professional clothing, such as business attire. This might mean a button-down shirt, ironed slacks (not jeans), dress shoes (leave the boots at home) and a belt.

Your appearance can say a lot about you. For instance, if you wear a full suit to your interview, the employer may get the impression that you’re not ready for hands-on electrical work. That’s why clean, pressed business attire is more likely the ideal choice for an entry-level electrician interview. Neat clothing and good hygiene go a long way.


What to Bring to an Electrician Job Interview

Find out ahead of time if you’ll be required to perform electrical tasks at the interview. The employer may want to see you test your knowledge by working on an install or repair project. If you’ll be required to complete tasks on site, you might prepare yourself by bringing:

  • Pliers
  • Wire strippers
  • Digital multimeter
  • Electrical tape
  • Screwdriver

If you aren’t required to demonstrate your skills at your electrician interview, there are still a few things you don’t want to leave at home. Make sure to bring an extra copy of your resume, as well as a positive, polite attitude. A list of references—or people who can speak to your abilities, education and character—can also be handy in case the employer wants to confirm details on your resume after the interview ends.

electrician questions and answers

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