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Looking for a new career path? Unsure what to do after high school? Trade school can be an exciting option that focuses on growing your skills. Unlike a four-year or two-year college, trade school can be completed quickly and without the need to take courses unrelated to your passion (like English literature or geography). To […]


Plumbing is nothing more than clogged drains and leaky pipes, right? Not exactly. Plumbing is more complicated than repairing a sink or toilet. Plumbers are skilled in their craft, with hours of hands-on training and diverse experiences. In fact, the plumber who answers a repair call in a neighborhood may not be the same type […]


Countless opportunities exist for women in skilled trades, especially in the HVAC industry. According to Women of HVAC, female-owned businesses have increased 1.5 times faster than the national average in the past 20 years, and there has been a similar rise in female HVAC technicians. If you’re interested in pursuing a hands-on education to become […]


Between family obligations, work and friends, it can be hard to find time to fit trade school classes into your day. But a busy schedule doesn’t have to stop you from pursuing your goals in a trade you’re passionate about. At Apex, students have the option to choose day or night classes. Taking classes in […]


Practical, hands-on skills are important in many industries, and workers who demonstrate these skills contribute to a healthy economy. While millions of Americans work behind a desk, there are countless Americans who enjoy actively working with their hands and using their technical expertise. However, a recent analysis from PeopleReady found that there is a skilled […]


Do you think you want to become an automotive technician? Do you know what it takes to be a mechanic? The automotive service industry is full of talented mechanics who enjoy working on cars and problem-solving. Let’s take a look at three common indicators of success that you can use to guide you on your […]


Considering trade school vs. college? Technical skills can offer career options and personal fulfillment, especially if you enjoy hands-on work. If you’re unsure how learning a trade can benefit you or fit into your schedule, explore the top reasons why students choose to enroll in trade school.   Classes are starting soon! Call us at 212-645-3300 to […]


When you open a service panel or look behind a light switch, you may see a tangle of cables or a neatly organized arrangement of home electrical wiring. Depending on your knowledge, your perspective changes! When you know a few basic things about residential electrical wiring, you can more confidently find problems and diagnose solutions. […]


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians often enjoy a rewarding and hands-on trade. These technicians require practical skills, problem-solving abilities and a passion for technical knowledge about heating, A/C and refrigeration equipment. Individuals working in this trade should also understand HVAC safety standards. Whether you’re an HVAC student starting training classes, or you’ve been […]


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians often enjoy a rewarding and hands-on trade. These technicians require practical skills, problem-solving abilities and a passion for technical knowledge about heating, A/C and refrigeration equipment. Individuals working in this trade should also understand HVAC safety standards. Whether you’re an HVAC student starting training classes, or you’ve been […]


When trying to determine the next step on your educational or career path, it can be difficult to make a decision that feels right. You might have many questions and few answers. If you’re considering trade school, one of the main questions on your mind is likely, “Is trade school worth it?” To help you […]


Advancements in new technology drive the construction industry forward. When you hear “construction technology,” what comes to mind first? Some think about robots that perform human tasks or super computers that manage large amounts of worksite data. However, technology is more than innovative equipment that can accomplish tasks for you. It includes software and machinery—and […]


Is it hard to get into trade school in New York? How do I know if I’m qualified to enroll? How quickly can I finish trade school compared to a traditional four-year college? These are common questions the staff at Apex receive every day. We help individuals who are interested in learning more about trade […]


At our trade school for plumbing, students get entry-level skills and hands-on training they can use on their career path. Learn about three plumbing school benefits that can help equip you to enter the plumbing field. A Variety of Skills and Locations Students who go to trade school for plumbing can look forward to learning […]


Protection is one of the first things individuals in the welding industry learn about their trade. Welding protective gear can help keep the skin, eyes, hair and face safe from the task at hand. At Apex, we require safety gear for welding students in the shop, where students engage in hands-on learning with welding tools […]


Trade school can give students a sense of personal fulfillment and the opportunity to learn a craft. It can also position you for an entry-level position in your chosen industry. If you’re considering your goals for 2021, trade school might be a good option for you. Let us help you start planning for your future […]


  Classes are starting soon! Call us at 212-645-3300 to find out more.   *Apex Technical School and its instructors are licensed by the State of New York, New York State Education Department. Disclaimer: Apex Technical School provides training for entry-level jobs. Not everything you may read about the industry is covered in our training programs.  


All of us learn new skills every day. Whether you’re playing a sport, cooking a different meal for dinner or taking a trade class to pursue your education and gain new skills, you’re absorbing new information quickly. This may sound overwhelming, but there are proven ways you can help your brain remember information. Explore these […]


The more you use something, the quicker it wears out and needs repairing. Over time, a driver may put thousands of miles on an engine, which rotates 180,000 times per hour. In addition to the engine, a car’s wheels and bearings also rotate millions of times during their lifespan. But usage isn’t the only factor […]


Welding is performed in a variety of industries and trades. Some tradesmen and women in the auto body and automotive industries rely on welding to fuse together car parts. Clean, strong welds are an important part of auto body work because they improve a vehicle’s appearance and reliability. Interested in the field of auto body […]


Electrical problems can be unsettling for most homeowners. Electricity powers many appliances in the home—and when it’s not working, it can be an inconvenience. Some electrical issues can also pose a potential fire hazard. These should be addressed right away by an electrician. In fact, all electrical problems, from a short circuit to rewiring a house, should be handled […]


Home Heating and Cooling FAQs When an HVAC system works, most homeowners don’t think twice about it. When it doesn’t work, they may have many questions about heating and cooling units, energy efficiency and repairs. Here are some questions homeowners might ask when they are considering repair or replacement or trying to learn more about […]


Minimize Construction Injuries with a Site-specific Safety Plan Construction and building sites are bustling, active locations. They can be exciting and energizing places for individuals in the construction and building trade—but they can also be dangerous places for unskilled workers. It’s important that individuals in the construction trade understand how to keep themselves and others […]


Welding is a process that joins metals by applying heat and pressure. The earliest known examples of welding come from the Bronze Age during the Middle Ages. For thousands of years, welders have transformed base materials into new items or have used their craft to repair old or broken items. Individuals in the welding trade […]


Do you need to know how to write a professional email when you go to trade school? Most of us have written a casual email to friends, family or someone we know well. But when it comes to writing an email to your boss, instructor or someone you don’t know, you may choose to write […]


Online trade school classes require students to log in to a virtual classroom away from others, usually at home or another location off campus. Virtual classrooms appear in a video conference setting and allow students to attend class online from their computers. As you transition to online learning, you may be wondering what to expect […]


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused school closures around the world. Some schools, like Apex Technical School, are temporarily incorporating distance learning into their curriculums. Distance learning means classes are conducted through the internet, often at the student’s home. This style of learning is new for some trade school students. Here is a list of online […]


After a collision or accident, a car’s doors may be crushed, the paint may be chipped, or the fender may be dented. Individuals in the auto body trades are taught that collision damage can be classified by structural and cosmetic damage. Some cars sustain a combination of both damage types. Find out how an accident […]


Communication is an essential skill, no matter your trade, role or responsibility. Good communication helps you and your team work smoothly together. Poor communication at work, on the other hand, may result in wasted time and resources, injuries or stress. While it is essential to learn hands-on skills in trade school, it is equally important […]


Every interview is different, but there are a few things to keep in mind. You should take a copy of your resume and be prepared to answer questions about your education, skills or job history. While the interviewer may ask different questions depending on the position, company and role you’re applying for, some questions are […]


Today’s homeowners have specific wants and needs. Green construction and building practices rose in popularity among homeowners and contractors over the last decade. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, eco-friendly homes are energy efficient, good for the environment and more sustainable than homes of the past. Staying up to date on the latest trends […]


For centuries, plumbers have made modern life cleaner and more comfortable. Plumbing is one system that residential homes and commercial businesses cannot do without. Without plumbing, we would have no hot water, air conditioners, swimming pools, or flushing toilets. However, most people don’t think about their plumbing until a problem occurs and they must rely […]


Continuing your education after high school is an important decision. If you’re thinking about taking your next step by going to trade school, you probably feel excited and may be overwhelmed. You may be worried about how to find the right program for you or how financial aid works. Don’t worry—take a deep breath! We […]


At Apex Technical School, students interested in automotive repair typically come to campus with many questions. They are passionate about the trade and want to learn more, such as “How often do I have to change my oil?” and “Do I really need to read the owner’s manual?” Here are some common questions our students […]


Welding can be an exciting path for many people. According to, more than 50 percent of manmade products require welding—from cars, planes and boats to mobile phones and more. If you’re considering pursuing a future in this exciting industry, you may have more questions than answers. And you’re not alone! To help you consider […]


Construction is an exciting career path for many beginners who want to use their hands to accomplish daily work and feel proud of the outcome. New construction, remodeling and renovations require skilled tradesmen and women with technical knowledge and hands-on experience. Classes focused on teaching entry-level construction, carpentry and building skills give students the opportunity […]


The average car is made up of 30,000 parts. That number may come as a surprise for some, but for students with a passion for cars, it’s what they enjoy seeing when they open the hood of a vehicle or slide under a car in auto repair class. Automotive repair classes give students a chance […]


Tradesmen and women in the HVAC industry work on heating, cooling and ventilation systems day in and day out. Typically, people who pursue the heating and cooling trade enjoy learning how things work. They may have a natural passion for troubleshooting and feel a sense of achievement for a job well done. Many beginners wonder […]


Everyone feels stressed from time to time. Stress shows up differently in different people—and for different reasons. Some people lose focus when they take a test, while others get shaky hands when they speak to a large group of people. So, what is stress? How does it affect your health? What can you do to […]


What do students do at auto repair school? What can you expect to be taught from instructors? If you’re asking these questions, you may want to take a closer look at an average day in automotive repair class. Students who study the automotive repair trade often have a passion for cars. They bring that passion […]


Trade school gives students practical, hands-on learning opportunities, such as how to use tools and how to work in a shop with peers. Many students don’t realize they can use trade school lessons in life outside the school’s walls. How can trade school offer valuable life experience? Check out these life lessons you may learn […]


While a plumber may be a craftsperson who brings a toolbox to fix leaks and unclog toilets, he or she can also play an important role in the safety of residential, commercial and public spaces. Plumbing school programs help beginners kickoff this exciting career path by growing their knowledge and skills in the field. On […]


Figuring out your future isn’t easy. If you’re considering trade school, it’s important to understand what a technical education offers. Trade schools provide the benefits of a specialized  education and can be a faster route to entering the workforce. The trade school environment can be an enjoyable experience for students who like to learn hands-on. […]


Electrical programs help beginners in the electrical trade learn the basics for a fulfilling path in an exciting industry. From learning how to install a switch or an outlet, to finding a loose neutral in a wiring circuit, your days in an electrical school are spent obtaining skills that can help you grow your knowledge […]


Women’s contributions to the U.S. labor force are vast. Traditional occupations have changed since women began entering the workforce in large numbers during World War II. As the country continues to blur the lines between gender roles at work, women thrive more than ever. However, women are still underrepresented in male-dominated trade industries. Education is […]


New York City is full of incredible views, culture and opportunities. It’s difficult to image a world without America’s most iconic city. Each person who lives, works and visits New York City leaves a unique mark on the community—especially those who dedicate their skills and sweat to crafting the buildings that make up the Big […]


Every summer, the United States celebrates its birthday on the Fourth of July. Fireworks and barbeque are a festive way to recognize America’s independence, heritage and cultural landmarks. But a quick look around the nation’s cities and neighborhoods proves our country’s history is still being written—thanks to the trade industry.   America’s buildings, bridges, roads, […]


Trade industries are powered by skilled individuals. What do those individuals have in common? Without work ethic, tradesmen and tradeswomen in fields such as construction, electrical, automotive and many others would fall short of their potential. Being proud of your work ethic starts with learning how to balance what you want to do with what […]


Welding programs are a top choice for those thinking about going to trade school. In welding classes, students learn how to use welding tools, follow safety regulations and best practices, and gain fundamental skills for an entry-level position. So, what is the average day like for a student in welding school? Individuals may be interested […]


Across the country, temperatures begin to heat up in May, June and July. Homeowners and commercial businesses rely on air conditioning to keep indoor spaces comfortable and cool. However, sunny days bring problems for A/C units that must work overtime all summer long. In fact, technicians who work for HVAC companies may find themselves facing […]


Auto body shops specialize in repairing damaged cars. In addition to making vehicles safe to drive again, a body shop’s goal centers on revitalizing and fixing cosmetic flaws. Accidents, rust and age often require skilled trade workers to apply a fresh coat of paint. With the help of computerized systems, individuals in the auto body […]


It’s no surprise that traditional college isn’t for everyone. Millions of students attend college every year, while countless others choose to pursue their goals at a trade school. This is an important, life-changing decision for many individuals and getting it right requires careful consideration.   Choosing to go to trade school over college is a […]


If I start trade school, which trade should I pursue? Is repairing damaged vehicles the right path for me? Do my interests and strengths align with restoring, painting and welding cars?   Millions of cars, trucks and other automobiles travel America’s roads every day. With so many vehicles on the road, accidents are inevitable. Fortunately, […]


Is trade school the right choice for me? Do my interests line up with a specific trade? I think I’m interested in HVAC training, but how do I know if heating and cooling school is the right path for me?   If you are considering taking your education, skills and knowledge to the next level […]


For centuries, plumbing has improved hygiene and provided clean water to homes and businesses. Though the industry isn’t new, plumbing continues to evolve as modern technologies change the way water is delivered, heated, pumped and stored. New plumbing solutions benefit homeowners, business owners and hard-working tradespeople in the plumbing field.   Here are three bathroom […]


Plumbing has delivered clean water and protected people from disease for centuries, starting with the Roman Empire. Today, plumbing allows people to enjoy the comforts of daily living, including hot water, showers, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines. Similarly, electricity helps power many plumbing appliances in homes, as well as refrigerators, computers, air conditioning systems and […]


There’s no one size fits all when it comes to school. Some students attend a traditional college to earn a two- or four-year degree. Many others discover a combination of knowledge, skills and technical training is the right path for them. A vocation education at trade school provides students with a variety of positive benefits. […]


Single parents in college or technical school often wonder how they can accomplish their education goals with a family at home. While it may seem difficult, it’s possible to manage a family, work and trade classes. Here are three back-to-school tips for parents in trade school. Schedule your tasks. Use a calendar. It can be […]


Since the debut of the Model-T Ford, cars and trucks have transformed America, helping people travel from point A to point B. Today, with more than 253 million vehicles on the road, auto mechanics and auto body technicians have never been more important. These skilled individuals help maintain vehicles, whether they perform routine care under […]


Is technical school my next step? Should I turn my interest in electrical school into a reality? How do I know if electrical training courses are a good fit for me? These questions are common when you’re determining how—and where—to pursue your education. If you’ve always had an interest in electricity or wondered how it […]


Cars come in all shapes and sizes and can be as different as the people who drive them. Some people view cars as a blank canvas, and increasingly, mechanics, artists and engineers have transformed their vehicle into a stunning work of art.   Car body art got its start in the 1960s when hippies began […]


Saying yes to trade school is a commitment that can help you achieve your goals—from learning new skills with your hands to building confidence in your abilities and interests. As you focus on taking your goals to the next level, consider the skills you’ve gained from school, sports, part-time jobs and the military. Think about […]


Should I pursue my goals of becoming a skilled tradesman? Is the plumbing industry right for me? How do I know if I should follow the plumbing career pathway? It’s normal to ask these questions as you consider the next steps in your career. Perhaps you’ve repaired plumbing or pipefitting work in your home, but […]


In addition to skills and on-the-job training, a successful tradesperson has a strong work ethic and a professional attitude. Good professional work habits benefit even the most experienced technicians. While you learn skills to enter the trade field, start practicing good work habits while you train or apprentice. On-the-job training exposes you to real-life work […]


Individuals in the A/C and refrigeration trade keep buildings, offices, stores and homes cool and comfortable. Heating and air conditioning systems control the temperature, humidity and overall air quality. By providing a climate-controlled environment, refrigeration systems make it possible to store and transport food, medicine and other perishable items. In America, most homes and buildings […]


Welding joins two pieces of metal together using fire and pressure. The process began in prehistoric times, and methods have evolved the welding process throughout history. Today, there are many types of welding careers, including combination welding. Find out if your personality and natural talents lend themselves to a welding career path with the following […]


As a TV personality, Mike Rowe is best known for hosting “Dirty Jobs,” a series that dives deep inside messy, blue collar jobs and showcases the skilled workers who perform them. On TV, Rowe shines a light on skilled trade jobs, and he’s an advocate for skilled labor in his personal life, too. Learn why […]


Man’s attempts to stay cool and comfortable during extreme summer heat are well documented. Historical evidence shows attempts by several individuals to control indoor temperatures. For example, the Ancient Romans utilized the aqueduct system to circulate cool water through the walls of their homes. The emperor Elagabalus built a mountain of snow in the garden […]


If you’re on track to meet your graduation goal, congratulations! Finishing trade school and starting a career in the trade of your choice requires hard work—and a polished resume. At Apex Technical School, our job placement assistance team helps you learn how to create a resume you can send to companies as you prepare to […]


Should I pursue my passion for cars? If so, is the auto repair industry right for me? And how do I know if this is the right career path to follow?   These are questions you might be asking if you are in the process of choosing a career. Maybe you find yourself drawn to […]


Staying focused in school isn’t always easy—whether you’re in high school, college, or a vocational trade school program. However, studies suggest that positive thinking can lead to happiness and achievement in school and beyond. Positive thinking is truly a powerful way to keep you on track for success.   Learn how to achieve your goals […]


Electricity grew popular in the late 19th century, and this demand led to the formation of the electrical profession. In fact, many skilled electricians—such as Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla—became famous for their electrical inventions. The electrical trade consists of three areas: industrial, commercial and domestic. Throughout history, tradesmen have often specialized in one electrical […]


If you’re considering going to trade school, you’re probably wondering where to start. Do you research financial aid for trade schools first, or should you find the most interesting vocational training program? To simplify the process, we’ve broken weighing your trade school options down into six simple steps that could take you to the first […]


What career path should I pursue? What trade am I passionate about? How can I turn my natural skills into a future?   These are all questions you’re probably asking yourself when considering career paths. And if you’re drawn to the construction trade, we want to help you make an informed decision about a construction […]


Start Your Journey to Learning a Trade at Apex Technical School. Get to know Apex and learn how you can prepare for a hands-on technical education. Check out the infographic to learn more.


What is a trade school? Trade schools specialize in hands-on training that prepares students for entry-level work. More importantly, trade schools help busy students obtain the skills and experience they want to enter the workforce in a chosen field.   A technical education offers many advantages over an education at a traditional, four-year university. Most […]


Tradesmen in the construction industry build frameworks and structures, and they rely on wood-working tools to craft and shape their materials. Door frames, stairwells, rafters, and many other residential and commercial building elements are made of wood. Therefore, it’s important for individuals in the construction trade to learn which basic carpentry tools help accomplish daily […]


Tradesmen in the electrical industry evaluate issues and diagnose problems using math, technical knowledge, blueprints and hands-on training. However, they require basic electrical tools to perform and complete installations and repairs. Discover how common tools for electrical work help many individuals diagnose and correct electrical problems in homes and businesses. Common Electrical Equipment List The […]


Energy efficient heating and cooling options transform homes and businesses by increasing comfort and usability. Efficiencies in heating, cooling and ventilating can also help save on energy costs and fight global warming by reducing harmful emissions. Therefore, it’s important to understand energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment. What Is an Energy-Efficient HVAC System According to Energy […]


Plumbers assemble, install, and repair pipes used for heating, water and drainage in residential homes and businesses. Often, they face unforeseen circumstances and scenarios in which they must rely on their training, knowledge of the trade, and the tools they have on hand. Therefore, accumulating and maintaining a supply of tools is key for plumbers. […]


Trade schools—also known as technical schools—are job-focused training programs popular across the United States where students often obtain specialized certificates or degrees in two years or less. Individuals at trade schools often find learning a trade part time to be a rewarding, faster route to pursuing their career goals. How fast can I complete a […]


Are you ready to take the next step in life by advancing your education? Whether you’re a recent high school grad or looking to switch careers, you must decide: where will I pursue the knowledge and skills I want? There are several paths you can take when choosing the school that’s right for you, and […]


The HVAC market, which includes domestic and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems, is constantly evolving to better produce more efficient and safer home appliances. Refrigerators are no exception. Cooling technology has come a long way since the ice box. Here are some noteworthy refrigeration trends gaining speed in the industry and today’s households. Smart […]


As a manmade empire, New York City prides itself on its skyline and structures. Behind those structures are the construction workers, carpenters, and architects who built them. Meet some of them who’ve risen to fame through their construction skills. Gamaliel King Gamliel King, a carpenter and grocer who lived in New York in the 1800s, […]


With all the types of welding, figuring out which tools you need can feel overwhelming. Below, we’ve explained some of the basic welding gear beginners may encounter. Find out what each of them does, along with some factors to consider when learning how to use them.   Welding Machines One of the most essential and […]


Trade and technical schools in New York provide students with comprehensive, hands-on education and skills to enter the workforce. Whether you pursue a career in the heart of the city, or you take a job in a small town, New York is home to numerous trade schools for ambitious students motivated to advance their professional […]


Increasingly, homeowners are turning to home alternative energy sources and smart technology to save money on electrical costs. They want electrical technology that is better for the environment and their pocket books. As electrical trends continue to evolve, it’s important to know which innovations are rising to the top of this exciting industry. Residential Solar […]


After high school, many people enter a workforce full of possibilities. Some individuals continue their education at a four-year university, while others choose community college or technical school. If you’re looking for a hands-on learning experience related to a specific career choice, technical school could be for you. What does a technical school offer? Technical […]


When it comes to aesthetics and functionality, homeowners usually look to incorporate what’s trending or hot on the market. Whether a homeowner is building a home or renovating a living space, there are many popular designs and construction materials to fit their unique style. Here are some of the latest trends in the residential construction […]


If you want to make the most of your trade school education, it’s essential that you take every assignment, workshop, and opportunity seriously. When you start treating trade school like a job, you will be implementing one of the most important student success tips. Learn about how to succeed in school by treating it like […]


Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were contemporaries, and even rivals, as inventors in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. In fact, Tesla was even an employee of Edison early in his career. While there’s no doubt that Thomas Edison had a more financially prosperous career as an inventor, historians and engineers could argue that […]


In the male-dominant fields of trade-based careers, women in trades can face doubts about their careers. You might wonder if you’ll be able to succeed, or if anyone will take you seriously. With the right training and commitment to the trade, we believe women are uniquely equipped to succeed in trades like HVAC, automotive repair, […]


From auto body repair needs to optional cosmetics, the auto body industry draws all levels of interest, from those in the industry to those simply passionate about cars. Wherever you lie on the spectrum, here are a few newsworthy trends driving the field forward. Laser Headlights Laser headlights have been at the top of the […]


Being a working student is a demanding lifestyle, so prioritizing balance is essential. As you prepare to take on your career goals, you can add some habits to your life that will help you with balancing school and work. If you’re working full time and going to trade school, try these time management techniques. Trim […]


The plumbing trade is full of famous plumbers who built up their careers like you’re working to do. Use these tips to start your career off on the right foot, and aim to take the trade even further. Sir John Harrington: More is not always better. As noted in our history of the plumbing trade […]


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your future? Do you get discouraged from achieving your career goals? You are not alone. When motivation runs low, it’s essential to stay focused on what matters. Use these simple strategies to feel motivated more frequently – and work through the times when you don’t. Remember why you’re here. […]


If you’re considering starting a career in the – welding field, you might be wondering why there are so many types of welding, and how many you should learn. Different types of welding are used depending on the following factors: Tools available Type of metal you’re welding Timeline and setting of the project Quality needed […]


Are you wondering if hands-on learning works? Adults who choose hands-on learning can reap the following benefits, from a faster education to resume-worthy in school lab/shop experience. 1. Take only the classes you need. Hands-on training programs focus primarily on preparing you for a career. The program curriculum is developed to help build your real-world […]


Early Invention: 1800s The history of auto mechanics began in 1800s Europe with the creation of the first cars. According to, Europeans perfected the first modern automobile by 1901. These late-1800s makers of cars can be considered the first auto mechanics. They engineered, designed, and built the first successful automobiles, launching a trade for […]


It’s a common misconception that leadership belongs only to the executives and manager of a company. In fact, those people in management likely started developing their leadership skills at the same time they started their careers – the same place you are now. Leadership skills can be considered synonymous with employability skills; employers want every […]