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Women Electricians in the Electrical Trade

The tide is turning for women electricians. Women make up an increasing percentage of skilled electrical workers. The electrical field can be a personally and professionally rewarding path, especially for women who enjoy being active while they work versus sitting at a desk. Like men, women have the potential to positively impact this industry. Here are a few ways female electricians can make a difference.

Break Down Stereotypes

For a long time, the electrical field was considered a man’s job. However, there is nothing inherently masculine about electricity—and women are just as capable of becoming electricians! Still, some women wonder if they can physically handle the day-to-day job. The answer? Yes!

Electricians typically don’t need to lift more than 50 lbs. on the job. As long as technicians are fit and adept, they can do the job regardless of gender. Overall, an electrical career path tends to be more practical than physically taxing. In other words, electricians use technical, hands-on skills and draw from their knowledge of the trade quite often.

As more women pursue hands-on learning and enter this field, they will continue to break down outdated stereotypes.


Contribute to Electrical Training Classes

Diverse environments can improve how students learn. Electrical classes benefit from the perspectives and contributions of female students. Electrical students learn about everything from electrical safety, blueprints, residential wiring, breakers and fuses, grounding, bonding, splicing, currents and outlets. Technician training teaches women on-the-job skills they can use in an entry-level electrical position, whether you’re a recent high school graduate or a woman wanting to change careers.

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Fill a Unique Need in Residential Electricity

Some female customers feel uncomfortable when a man visits their home for a service call. Female electricians have a unique advantage in the residential electrical field—their presence can help put some customers at ease.


Want to Be a Woman in the Electrical Industry?

At Apex Technical School, we encourage all students to follow their passions and work hard to reach their educational and career goals. Women interested in pursuing an entry-level position in the electrical field can get 900 hours of hands-on training in as little as seven months. Want to explore our Electrical & Advanced Electrical program? Learn more now.

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