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Automotive Service & Repair

Start Hands-On Training at Our School for Mechanics

Fine-tune your future with automotive training from Apex Technical School. Turn your love of cars into a career by learning the skills required to help you get started in this exciting field.

In 900 hours spent between the classroom and shop, you will learn auto mechanics and be trained by skilled instructors. Courses at Apex’s car mechanics school teach students the removal and inspection of car parts, energy and how it works in a car’s electrical circuit (called automotive electrical), the difference between manual and automatic transmissions, fuel systems, air conditioning repair, restraint systems and more.

Our automotive school labs incorporate diagnostic procedures, tool usage and repairs on car systems. These items are foundational to learning the trade, and instructors use them to teach required on-the-job skills.

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Apex’s instruction, course of study, facilities, and equipment have been evaluated by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Apex meets the standards of quality for training in brakes, electrical/electronic systems, engine performance, suspension and steering.

Ready to learn the mechanics of cars? Classes at our auto repair school are starting soon. Contact us for more information about automotive technician training and learn what it’s like for students at our school for mechanics.

Automotive repair classes include

Wondering what you can expect when you enroll at our automotive school and step foot in your first class to learn mechanics? The car mechanics school at Apex is designed to help you get started with entry-level automotive repair skills. Find out more about our automotive courses below. If you have questions about automotive technician training, contact us today.

  • Automotive Engines: This class introduces automotive careers available to students.
  • Automotive Chassis: In this automotive technician training class, students will be introduced to chassis-related fields and will be taught the safe and proper use of equipment used in chassis work, including suspension, brakes and tires.
  • Automotive Powertrains: The powertrain class teaches students about the identification and description of the components of both manual and automatic transmissions, as well as rear axles, differentials, drive shafts and torque converters.
  • Automotive Electrical: Students will be taught about energy and how it is used in the electrical circuits of automobiles. The basic laws of electricity will be explained and applied in specially designed classroom laboratories.
  • Automotive Fuels: This automotive class is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of fuel system technologies used in the modern automobile. Students will identify and be taught the operation of fuel system components.
  • Automotive Performance: This automotive technician training class reinforces the skills learned in previous segments and teaches and reinforces diagnostic techniques.