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Where Do Welders Work?

Companies, factories and construction jobsites need welders to fabricate and repair equipment and building materials. Without metal work like welding, things like infrastructure, commercial products and certain everyday items would not exist.

In fact, welders are greatly responsible for building much of the world around us. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 64% of welders work in the manufacturing industry. Welders can also work in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electrical power generation
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Natural gas
  • Railroad
  • Shipbuilding

Let’s dive a little deeper into three of these industries to learn how welders make an impact and what their daily tasks might look like.


The types of welders who work in the manufacturing industry use welds to create new products or repair old ones. Furniture, mining machinery, agricultural tools and many other everyday items require a welder to heat and join their components together with welds. MIG welding is standard in the manufacturing industry because it is fast and cost effective. A wide range of metal types play a role in the manufacturing of commercial products and equipment, and MIG welding is versatile and flexible enough to handle them.

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Auto Industry

Did you know that the average car requires thousands of welds? Welding has been, and will remain, a critical process for the automotive industry. Welders play a vital role on auto assembly lines, as well as at dealerships and auto repair shops where welding is required for safe repairs. Workers in these environments commonly use MIG welding or laser MIG welding to create strong bonds between thin metals such as aluminum.


Building, Construction & Infrastructure

Globally, more than half of all steel is used in commercial and residential construction. With such a great demand for steel in this industry, the need for welding is also strong. From erecting skyscrapers and office buildings to neighborhood homes, apartments and even roads and bridges, welders help construct America. Common types of welding used in building and infrastructure include flux-core welding, MIG welding and plasma arc welding.

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