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Financial Aid Information

At Apex Technical School we understand that applying for financial assistance can seem overwhelming and a little confusing—especially if this is the first time you’ve filled out a financial aid form or learned about trade school tuition.


We want to make applying for financial aid as easy as possible. That’s why our financial aid advisors will meet with you one-on-one to discuss trade school tuition and financial aid options and help you navigate the application process. Before you even begin classes, an advisor will meet with you one-on-one to discuss the various aid program “packages,” assist you with your applications, and review the various options available—and of course, we’re here to help you once you start school, too.

Apex Technical School participates in several different types of financial aid programs. Our financial aid office works with you to offer you the best possible combination of aid awards. We participate in the Federal Student Aid Programs, along with miscellaneous financial aid programs from various sources (including veterans programs).

Who Is Eligible for Financial Aid?

Federal student aid is available to all students who meet the basic eligibility requirements. Financial aid includes grant programs and loan programs. Grants are awarded based upon financial need, while student loan programs are available to all eligible students, regardless of the student’s financial situation.

How to Start the Application Process

There are a few things you can do to help move the process along:

  1. To fill out the FAFSA for trade school, you first need to apply for a federal FSA ID through the Department of Education.
  2. Complete the free FAFSA form at least 10 days prior to the start of classes.

Trade School Financial Aid

Upon completion of the application process, your financial aid advisor will prepare a financial aid package for you based upon your eligibility and financial need. This award package may include a combination of grants, loans, and other programs. Your financial aid advisor will meet with you one-on-one to discuss aid programs, explain the timing of aid disbursements, describe billing and payment procedures, and advise on alternative financing sources.

Student Loans for Technical School

If your financial aid package includes a federal student loan, there are some things you need to do before your loan will be processed. Your financial aid advisor will discuss these procedures with you and guide you through the steps, but you also have the option of doing these procedures online at the Federal Student Aid website. Whether you do these things in the financial aid office or online, it is important that you understand the requirements for trade school loans.

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Financial Aid Recipient

Using financial aid (possibly including student loans) is a serious responsibility. It is important that you understand your responsibilities as a recipient of Federal Student Aid, and that you know your rights. Please review your rights and responsibilities to ensure that you understand these important concepts.

Cost, Financial Aid, and Net Price Estimator

Apex Technical School provides prospective students with an online calculator that provides general cost estimates for cost and financial aid. These are only estimates, and your actual financial aid may vary. For actual cost and financial aid information, it is always best to visit the school and speak with your financial aid advisor about your specific situation. Call us at (212) 645-3300 to schedule an appointment.

Cost, Financial Aid, and Net Price Estimator

If you would like more detailed information about financial aid for technical school and your potential eligibility at Apex, call us to schedule an appointment at (212) 645-3300.