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What are the Advantages of Trade Schools?

What do trade schools offer that a four-year university or two-year community college doesn’t? For many students, trade school can be a compelling alternative. Trade schools, or technical schools, have gained prominence in recent years as invaluable institutions providing specialized training and practical skills for a variety of careers.

Students enrolled in trade school cite several reasons why they chose this path for themselves, often pointing to benefits like the hands-on training they receive, as well as job placement assistance and a faster route to joining the workforce. Whether you’re considering a career change or seeking a more direct route to employment, understanding the benefits of trade school could be the key to unlocking your future success!

1. Career Focus

Trade schools specialize in technical education. Unlike students at traditional universities or community colleges, trade students are not required to complete electives or unrelated subjects like English or geography. Instead, trade students get the opportunity to focus on a career-related curriculum. This allows them to home in on their technical field of choice—such as A/C & refrigeration, automotive repair, construction, electrical, plumbing or welding—to gain skills applicable for entry-level employment.

2. Small Class Sizes

University or college students often attend classes in large lecture halls, where they are merely a number. In a smaller, more student-focused trade school, instructors get to know students. Learning is split between the classroom and the shop at Apex, and students have the opportunity to learn side by side, collaborate with one another and form friendships that they may carry into their life or career beyond graduation. Small classes foster learning opportunities that can help position students for a hands-on experience.

3. Hands-On Training

Most students who pursue a technical career path have a passion for working with their hands. Sitting behind a desk at a 9-to-5 job may not sound challenging or fulfilling to a trade student who would rather problem-solve with their hands. Trade schools give these students an opportunity to follow their dreams, feel accepted as hands-on learners and gain knowledge through experiences.

At Apex, students have access to workshops where they use tools of the trade to practice techniques and accomplish projects. Each course is designed to introduce students to knowledge they can use in the trade after graduation.

A student wearing goggles and a hat works under the hood of a car

4. Scheduling Options

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate, a professional interested in advancing your current career or planning to enter an entirely new field in the technical industry, you need an education that fits into your busy life. Trade school is an excellent option because classes are often offered at different times to better accommodate students’ schedules.

For example, at Apex, students can choose to enroll in day or evening classes depending on their lifestyle and needs. While day classes work for some, evening classes are popular with students who work a part-time or full-time job during the day, have family commitments or caregiving responsibilities.

Instructor and student review carpentry blueprints in a construction and buildings skills workshop

5. Job Placement Assistance

Trade schools understand that you’re pursuing hands-on training because you’re ready for a fresh start. By completing an Apex program, you show that you’re ready to start an entry-level job in your field. Our job placement assistance team in NYC will help you search for career options that fit your training and goals. They can also help you with resume and interview preparation.

6. Fast Route to Working in the Field

Trade schools can give students a faster route to working in the industry compared to a traditional four-year university or two-year community college.

Admission to trade programs at Apex, for example, are on a rolling basis which means students don’t have to wait until the fall to start. Programs run year-round, and students can enroll when there is a class opening at Apex. Programs can be completed in as fast as seven months, preparing graduates for an entry-level position much quicker than a four- or two-year college.

Interested in learning more about enrollment at Apex Technical School? Classes are starting soon! Contact us today to schedule a tour to see our classrooms and shops.

*Apex Technical School and its instructors are licensed by the State of New York, New York State Education Department.

Disclaimer: Apex Technical School provides training for entry-level jobs. Not everything you may read about the industry is covered in our training programs.