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Electrical & Advanced Electrical

Brighten your future at Apex Technical School. Prepare to enter the electrical trade by learning core skills at our electricity school. The Electrical & Advanced Electrical program introduces students to the National Electric Code and provides electrical classes in electrical safety, blueprints, residential wiring, breakers and fuses, grounding, bonding, splicing, currents and outlets.

We offer Electrical & Advanced Electrical segments in full-time courses during the day and part-time courses in the evening. In each segment, students spend half their time learning electrical theory in the classroom and half their time applying theories in the shop. Overall, students gain 900 hours of entry-level, electrician-skill training.

Ready to pursue trade school for electrician training and gain entry-level skills that position you for an electrical career? Electricity classes are starting soon! Contact us to learn more about what to expect at Apex Technical School, including financial aid for electrical training, job assistance and much more.

Electrical classes include

Electrical training at Apex is designed to help you get started with an entry-level job and further your passion for this exciting industry. Learn more about our electrical classes below, including what our instructors teach in each course segment. Have questions about pursuing classes at trade school for electrician skills? Contact us today.

  • Electrical Segment 1: This electricity class introduces students to general electric installation and electrical safety.
  • Electrical Segment 2: Segment 2 covers conductor termination and splices, grounding and bonding, installation of electrical services, circuit breakers, fuses and wiring.
  • Electrical Segment 3: Electrician training in segment 3 covers conduit bending, wiring methods, determining the required number of outlets and circuits, calculating electrical loads and more..
  • Electrical Segment 4: This electrical class covers motors, including theory and application, using wire tables and determining conductor sizes, basic motor controls, motors and controllers, motor installation, power factor, transformers, substations and power distribution and HVAC systems.
  • Electrical Segment 5: In segment 5, students will be taught security, fire alarm, intercom, CCTV, electronics systems installation and maintenance.
  • Electrical Segment 6: Students’ complete electrical school at Apex with segment 6. They are taught about power quality and harmonics, voice and data systems, fiber optics, busses and networks, programmable logic controllers, solar and wind turbines and introduction to home automation. This electricity class also introduces green energy systems.