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Tips for Stress Management in Trade School

Everyone feels stressed from time to time. Stress shows up differently in different people—and for different reasons. Some people lose focus when they take a test, while others get shaky hands when they speak to a large group of people.

So, what is stress? How does it affect your health? What can you do to manage stress while you’re in trade school? Keep reading to learn how to recognize symptoms and manage stress.

Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Stress affects your physical and emotional health, as well as how you think and behave. A little stress every now and then is OK.

However, when stress lasts for weeks or months, it can cause high blood pressure or anxiety. It’s important to recognize stress so you can manage it. If left unchecked, stress can negatively impact your education, health and goals. Some symptoms of stress include:

  • Low energy
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Tense muscles
  • Insomnia

Stress affects people on an emotional level, too. You may feel frustrated and overwhelmed, or you could feel lonely and depressed.

Some Causes of Stress

Pursuing your technical education at trade school is an important decision. Students are excited to learn hands-on skills for an entry-level position. The journey to reaching your goals may include some stressful road bumps along the way, but if you can identify them early you can find mechanisms to help cope with stress. Some things that can cause stress in life, include:

  • Deadlines
  • Poor time management
  • Difficulties with personal relationships (e.g. splitting up)
  • Balancing work, family and school

Coping with Stress

If you’re feeling stressed on your way to school, in class or even at home, try a few simple tips to relieve the tension. Give yourself a break, text a friend, eat a snack or take deep breaths to clear your head. Try to incorporate the following habits into your routine:

Finally, if you’re feeling stressed, remember to look at the bigger picture. You’re pursuing a trade and taking the next step for yourself—that’s exciting! You can use this knowledge to motivate you and keep you moving forward in the classroom, the shop and in life outside the school’s walls.

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Disclaimer: Apex Technical School provides training for entry-level jobs. Not everything you may read about the industry is covered in our training programs.