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A Day in the Life at Electrical School

Electrical programs help beginners in the electrical trade learn the basics for a fulfilling path in an exciting industry. From learning how to install a switch or an outlet, to finding a loose neutral in a wiring circuit, your days in an electrical school are spent obtaining skills that can help you grow your knowledge in the electrical field.

The average time in Apex’s electrical program involves splitting your time between both theory class – where you’ll learn about electrical theory, past methods and basic fundamentals – and shop class, where you’ll get hands on experience and tips of the trade to use in an entry- level position.

Meet the Instructors

Once students enroll at Apex, they meet their day to day instructors. These individuals have experience in the electrical trade and will introduce students to the concepts and practices of the trade. Instructors take the time to support students and give them space to practice wiring, splicing, grounding and the proper use of over current protection devices.

Tools of the Electrical Trade

Day-to-day learning in an electrical school involves knowledge of industry tools and equipment. Trades people use a variety of trade tools to complete the task at hand, including, but not limited to:

  • Digital multimeter
  • Tape measure
  • Conduit bender
  • Wire stripper
  • Wire crimper
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers

Basic tools are required to perform installation, repairs and routine maintenance. Instructors teach students the proper use and handling of electrical tools by giving them the opportunity to practice using tools in the shop with their peers. Students will also learn which tools they should keep on hand in their toolbelt at all times on jobsites.

Discover more about the electrical program when you visit the Apex campus. Contact us online for a tour.

*Apex Technical School and its instructors are licensed by the State of New York, New York State Education Department.

Disclaimer: Apex Technical School provides training for entry-level jobs. Not everything you may read about the industry is covered in our training programs.