Wood construction site in the process of being builtA blue graphic image representing the construction technical school program

Construction & Building Skills

Build a better future, come learn hands-on construction skills at Apex Technical School. From new construction, to remodeling, to renovations; Apex’s comprehensive Construction & Building Skills Program will give you the opportunity to work with the tools and equipment that will prepare you for entry into this exciting field. In this 900 hour program, you leave with the combination of carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and kitchen and bath remodeling skills. Within those segments, you will learn about:

  • Window and door framing in carpentry classes
  • Conductors and circuit breakers in electrical classes,
  • Drain Waste Vent (DWV) systems in plumbing classes,
  • Light fixtures and counter installation in remodeling classes

Construction classes include

  • Carpentry Segment 1: In this introductory class, students will learn safe carpentry practices and use of tools and a general introduction to the construction trade.
  • Carpentry Segment 2: In Level 2, students will be taught about wall, ceiling and floor framing, framing and installation of windows, exterior doors and roofs, as well as introduction to equipment used.
  • Electrical Segment: This introductory electrical class provides an introduction to the National Electric Code, electrical testing equipment, electrical blueprints, and safe use of electrical tools.
  • Plumbing Segment: This segment is designed to give students an introduction to the plumbing profession. Safety is always stressed and also covered are plumbing history, construction math, hand tools, power tools, and plumbing drawings.
  • Kitchen and Bath Remodel Segment 1: In Level 1, students will learn residential wiring, insulation, wall finish, as well as electrical boxes and fittings. The student will be introduced to fixtures, faucets, and various types of valves.
  • Kitchen and Bath Remodel Segment 2: This Level 2 Kitchen and Bath Remodeling class is designed to give students an introduction to lighting basics and various light fixtures used to provide the most energy efficient illumination.