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Teacher Spotlight: Miguel Diaz Is Shaping the Next Generation of Welders

“You can tell right away that he cares about his students learning what he’s teaching.”

At the heart of the Combination Welding Technology program at Apex works an instructor synonymous with dedication, skill and passion: Miguel Diaz. For 23 years, he has not only taught but also inspired countless students, guiding them in the basics of welding and showing them important techniques. However, Mr. Diaz’s journey begins long before his tenure as a licensed welding educator.

From Student to Welding Teacher

Mr. Diaz’s relationship to welding started at Apex Technical School—as a student himself. At the time, he didn’t know that Apex would one day become his teaching ground. After graduating, he was eager to work hard and carve out a successful career in the welding industry.

He earned certifications such as DOT vertical 3G, F60, C60, C92, C94, and F01 and quickly made a name for himself in the field. After working for several years, Mr. Diaz felt called to give back to the community that helped him grow into the welder he is today. He decided to return to Apex—this time to share his journey, knowledge, and experience with aspiring welders.

“I’m grateful to Apex and the opportunities it gave me,” he says. “It gave me a job that allowed me to raise a family.”

Teaching Philosophy: Building Confidence and Skills

Mr. Diaz demonstrates with welding equipment

For Mr. Diaz, the most rewarding aspect of teaching is witnessing the transformation of students.

“You can see the progress from a novice to being able to weld,” he says. “You can even see a change in attitude and confidence over the short time I’m with them.”

Mr. Diaz takes great pride in his students. Some of his favorite moments are when they return to share their achievements with him.

“When they say thank you after they’ve been out there… I like helping them out,” he says.

The impact of Mr. Diaz’s teaching is echoed in the sentiments of his students.

“Great teacher! He honestly cares,” says one student. Another adds, “You can tell right away he cares about his students learning what he’s teaching.”


Beyond the Classroom: The Therapeutic Art of Welding

Mr. Diaz’s connection to welding is about more than technical skills and industry knowledge. For him, welding is a form of meditation—a way to focus on the moment.

“It calms me,” he says. “It takes me to another world. It puts blinders to the outside world for a time when I’m focusing on what’s in front of me,” he says.

This passion extends into his personal time, where he crafts beautiful artistic pieces from metal as a hobby, showcasing the creative potential of welding.

Through his dedication, Mr. Diaz not only shapes the skills of his students but also molds their characters, preparing them for success both in and out of the welding workshop.

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*Apex Technical School and its instructors are licensed by the State of New York, New York State Education Department.

Disclaimer: Apex Technical School provides training for entry-level jobs. Not everything you may read about the industry is covered in our training programs.