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5 Ways to Study at Home: Tips for Distance Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused school closures around the world. Some schools, like Apex Technical School, are temporarily incorporating distance learning into their curriculums. Distance learning means classes are conducted through the internet, often at the student’s home. This style of learning is new for some trade school students. Here is a list of online class study tips to help you make the most of distance learning.

Make a Routine

Unlike attending a physical classroom, distance learners are taught outside of the school environment. Like many distance learners, you may review school materials at home or in another comfortable location. Wherever your distance learning takes place, you will want to build a routine. Routines help students stay on track by creating structure in their day. Once you find a routine that fits, you will feel confident and motivated to accomplish your goals.

Accomplish Your Daily Goals

Keep track of your to-do list. Do you have to answer a series of questions about electrical safety or read about the main types of welding? Writing down your goals helps you hit deadlines and can ensure you have the knowledge you need to take on the next assignment. Consider using a calendar to create daily or weekly lists.

Create a Study Space

Distance learning requires you to be a student outside of the trade school environment. When you are at home, how will you transition from a parent, spouse or roommate into a student who needs to focus? Create a study space to help focus your mind. Your study space could be in a quiet room, like a bedroom or home office, where you can close the door and be a trade student. If you don’t have an extra room in your home, your study space could also be a quiet corner with a table and chair. Study spaces are important because they signal to your brain that it’s time to focus. Learn how to limit distractions and get other online study tips on our blog.

Take Breaks

A study space can motivate you to check off goals from your to-do list. You may feel motivated by your accomplishments and want to maintain a steady pace with your learning. However, it’s important to remember to take breaks throughout the day. A short, five to 10-minute break every hour gives your brain a chance to process new information.

Ask for Help

Distance learning outside of the classroom or shop doesn’t mean you are learning alone. In fact, asking questions is one of the most important ways to study at home. If you are confused about a topic or need to ask questions, reach out to your instructors.

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