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5 Signs a Construction Career Path is Right for You

What career path should I pursue? What trade am I passionate about? How can I turn my natural skills into a future?

These are all questions you’re probably asking yourself when considering career paths. And if you’re drawn to the construction trade, we want to help you make an informed decision about a construction career path. If you find any of the following statements apply to you, pursuing the construction industry may be a good fit for your goals and interests.

I work best with my hands.

Were you a Lego enthusiast as a kid? Do you enjoy tinkering with models, even as a teen or adult? Do you learn best when there’s something physical to build or examine?

Working well with your hands indicates that you like to understand how physical objects fit and work together. Playing with Legos and models probably fostered that skill early on, which translates to both strong critical thinking abilities and physical awareness.

I enjoy home improvement projects.

Many people dread fixing things around the house because they know there’s so much room for error; so they resort to hiring a professional. There’s nothing wrong with hiring someone already in construction to handle the project, but if your first instinct is to brainstorm and try to build the solution yourself, you may have a natural interest in construction-related tasks. You could foster that natural interest by working toward a construction career path.

I like working but don’t want to be tied to a desk all day.

If moving around fuels your creativity and helps you accomplish tasks, you may be more suited to field work than to a desk job. While some people love the office environment, it’s not right for everyone. Sitting at a computer, answering phones, and attending office meetings can feel stifling. If you feel more productive on your feet, you may find the construction trade a rewarding fit.

I enjoy working with tools.

This one may sound obvious, but many people ignore their love of using tools, not realizing that their hobby could be turned into their future. If you have fun using drills, saws, hammers, levels, and more, consider the fulfillment you could have by using those tools every day in the construction trade.

I’m naturally curious.

Individuals with careers in the construction industry should be well-versed in related trades, such as electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. While those other trades can be career paths in themselves, construction ties them together into one final product. If you enjoy learning new topics and relating them to your current life or task at hand, you may have a curious, holistic mindset that could be applied to construction. As you consider your career path options in the construction industry, explore our Construction & Building Skills program.

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