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Work Safely with These Auto Repair Guidelines

A career in automotive repair can be fun and challenging for individuals who enjoy working with their hands. Automotive work requires technicians to know how to safely use certain machinery and tools, as well as workplace safety habits. Technicians should always take precautions to minimize their risk of injury or accidents. Let’s brush up on some common auto repair shop policies and procedures for a job in automotive service repair.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Automotive technicians often wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants to protect from burns, cuts and scrapes. Clothing should fit the body well, because loose garments can get caught in equipment. In addition to clothing, individuals who work in the automotive repair trade should wear protective gear such as safety glasses or goggles and gloves that are chemical resistant to protect their skin.


Maintain a Safety Routine

Individuals who work in an automotive shop can stay safe by incorporating proper procedures into their daily routine. When safety is the standard, you’re less likely to make careless or dangerous mistakes. This starts with knowing your surroundings. Notice something out of place, like liquid on the floor? Clean up water or oil spills right away to reduce the risk of falls.

Label chemicals used in the shop and keep safety data sheets that explain how to handle and store chemicals. In case of a chemical-related emergency, auto mechanics should have easy access to an eye-wash station and know how to turn off the electricity in the shop. Be aware of electrical cords and outlets to prevent scenarios in which an electrical fire could start. Technicians should also know where to find fire extinguishers and understand how to use them in an emergency.

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Ask Others for Support

While some mechanics typically have a hands-on trade school or vocational education, they may encounter new tasks or challenges on the job throughout their career. There is always an opportunity to learn more, especially as vehicles evolve with new makes and models. When you’re unsure how to complete a task or you’re doing something for the first time, speak up and ask for help.

Incorrect procedures can cause dangerous situations or serious injuries. It’s also important to speak up if you notice something is malfunctioning or broken, such as a vehicle lift or poorly maintained equipment. Be mindful of coworkers who may not ask for help when they need it; for example, if they attempt to lift more than they can carry, help them safely transport the item.


Auto shop safety is the first rule of working in an automotive repair shop. With automotive technician training, mechanics can help keep their work environment safe and productive. Learn more about the Automotive Service Repair Program at Apex Technical School. Classes are starting soon!

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