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How to Write a Professional Email in Trade School

Do you need to know how to write a professional email when you go to trade school? Most of us have written a casual email to friends, family or someone we know well. But when it comes to writing an email to your boss, instructor or someone you don’t know, you may choose to write a formal email.

Professional writing skills can benefit you in trade school and beyond. Follow the tips below to learn about the parts of a formal email and how to write one yourself.

Professional Email Format

Formal emails show respect and usually look different than casual emails. While a casual email may resemble a quick text message with a care-free tone, a formal email often contain several professional elements:

  • Subject line
  • Greeting (e.g. “Dear Mr. Smith” or “To Whom It May Concern”)
  • Your message
  • Closing (e.g. “I look forward to speaking with you.”)
  • Signature

A subject line summarizes the goal of your message. Your message can be a few sentences or multiple paragraphs. It depends on what you want to say. It’s important to use your signature to identify your full name and other relevant information, such as your phone number and where you work or attend school. Contact information in your signature lets the reader know who you are and how to contact you offline. For example:


Brian Jones

Assistant Mechanic

A&B Auto Repair Shop


Steps for Writing a Professional Email

A professional email signals to the recipient that you value them and their time. It’s a good idea to write a formal email in the workplace or school environment. Professional writing only take a little more time, and it can help create mutual respect between you and the person who receives your email. Follow these five steps to learn how to write a professional email.

  • Identify your goal.

Think about why you are writing this email. Do you want to ask about job openings? Are you submitting homework or questions to your instructor? Need help with distance learning? Consider what you want to ask the recipient to do for you or information you want to make the recipient aware of.

  • Think about your audience.

If you write to someone you have never met, use a polished tone and refrain from jokes or emojis. However, if you need to email another student in your class, you might want to use a friendly tone.

  • Write your message.

Be sure to include relevant information and keep your message brief. Politely and professionally let the recipient know what you need, why you need it and when you would like to receive their response. Short, simple sentences help keep your email to the point and easy to read.

  • Proofread before you send.

Always read your emails before sending them. You may realize you made a mistake or left out important information. Double check your spelling, especially the recipient’s first and last name. Make sure you haven’t forgotten to attach important documents or links.

  • Follow up.

About 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017. That number is expected to grow to 320 billion daily emails by 2021, according to Statista. Some people may receive hundreds of emails a day. If you don’t get a timely response, send a friendly follow-up email. They could have simply missed your email or forgot to respond.

Are you interested in learning hands-on skills in a trade you’re passionate about? Use these email writing tips to contact us today and find out more about Apex Technical School.

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