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Are Trade Schools Worth It?

When trying to determine the next step on your educational or career path, it can be difficult to make a decision that feels right. You might have many questions and few answers. If you’re considering trade school, one of the main questions on your mind is likely, “Is trade school worth it?” To help you find more information to make this decision, we’ve compiled a few reasons why students say they choose to attend trade school.

3 Benefits of Trade School

Trade school can provide valuable benefits for students from a variety of backgrounds and situations. For example, trade school students may be recent high school graduates, single parents, part-time workers, or full-time working individuals who want to go back to school to start a new career path. Whatever your situation or circumstance, you may find that trade school is a good fit for you. Here are a few reasons to think seriously about enrolling in trade school.

Shorter Time to Learn

Compared to a traditional four-year college experience or two-year community college experience, it takes less time to learn skills at trade school. For example, at Apex Technical School, students can complete their program in as little as seven months. Some students prefer to spend a shorter amount of time in school so they can more quickly enter their field of choice.

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Hands-on Training

Hands-on training is one of the best ways to learn trade skills. By learning how to do trade techniques yourself—instead of simply hearing about them—you are more likely to remember information to use later at a job. Trade school provides students with valuable hands-on opportunities to work in the shop setting and use tools of the trade. Students enjoy studying this knowledge at trade school because they often feel more prepared once they step into the field.


Learn About Theory and Safety

Theory is the “why” behind an approach or idea. In addition to hands-on skills, trade schools like Apex Technical School teach trade theory so students understand why they learn about certain topics or techniques. Theory is grounded in the history of a trade. For example, the history of plumbing goes back thousands of years, and some old ideas are still important to the field today. In addition to theory and history, students at trade school also benefit from learning trade safety. Depending on which program you take, safety procedures may differ. Welding safety gear and guidelines may be different from those in construction—but all safety measures are always important at school and in your career.

Explore Trade School Programs at Apex

Now that you know more about the benefits of vocational school, see if Apex has a program that’s right for you. With several programs to choose from, you may find a path you’re interested in by browsing our programs. Have questions? We’re happy to talk to you. Contact us and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Disclaimer: Apex Technical School provides training for entry-level jobs. Not everything you may read about the industry is covered in our training programs.