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Women Mechanics in the Automotive Industry

Women mechanics make up more of the automotive repair industry than ever before. As increasing numbers of women enter the auto repair profession, many discover that the path is personally or professionally rewarding. Some women who have a passion for cars and hands-on work can find ways to contribute to this exciting industry as automotive technicians. Let’s dive deeper into how women can an impact in the auto repair field.

Following a Non-Traditional Path

While auto repair may be a non-traditional path for women historically, the trade is a good choice for women who are determined, hands-on and detail-oriented. The auto repair trade also gives female automotive technicians the opportunity to help others, as car ownership soars to new heights in the United States and people want mechanics they can trust. Customers need reliable, safety-minded and skilled auto mechanics to work on tires, breaks, suspension systems, axels and more. Just like men, women have the potential to turn their love of cars into a career they’re passionate about.

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Automotive Training for Women

Female mechanic students are starting to take up more seats in automotive training classes, where students learn about everything from automotive engines, chassis work, powertrains, electrical circuits of automobiles, fuel system components, diagnostic techniques and much more. Technician training teaches women on-the-job skills they can use in an entry-level auto repair position, whether you’re a recent high school graduate or a woman wanting to change careers and fine tune your future as a certified mechanic.


From Woman Mechanic to Auto Repair Shop Owner

With the right mix of experience and skills, individuals in the auto trade can make an impact under the car or behind the counter. Some automotive technicians have opened their own auto repair businesses. One example is Patricia Banks, who operates Girls Auto Clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The number of cars on the road is expected to keep rising in the coming decades. Qualified auto technicians will be needed to repair and maintain vehicles, while some may even be inspired to gain the skills to open their own auto shop.


Want to Be a Woman in the Automotive Industry?

At Apex Technical School, we encourage all students to follow their passions and work hard to reach their educational and career goals. Women interested in pursuing an entry-level position in the auto repair field can get 900 hours of hands-on training in as little as seven months. Want to explore our Automotive Service & Repair program? Learn more now.

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