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Your 2023 Resolution: Learn a Skilled Trade

A new year means new goals or a fresh start with old goals that you still want to achieve. Is 2023 the year you’ll pursue the in-demand trade job you’ve envisioned for yourself? Hands-on training can help prepare you for an entry-level position in as little as 7 months. Have questions? That’s okay! We’ll lay out everything you need to know about how to kick off an exciting journey in trade school in 2023.

What is a skilled trade?

A skilled trade is an occupation that requires technical knowledge and a specific skill set. An education in a skilled trade differs from a traditional or community college education. Technical training, also called vocational training, is a hands-on approach to learning a specific skill set, while collegiate learning is an academic approach to studying a particular field.

What are the benefits of learning a skilled trade?

In a skilled trade, individuals can acquire deep levels of expertise by advancing their hard skills over time and with new experiences, equipment and resources. Some trade professionals can advance their careers faster than individuals who earned a college degree, because they have the opportunity to enter the workforce more quickly.

A skilled trade also provides the benefits of a hands-on career. Many individuals like to be active at work, not confined to a desk or computer. A job in the trades can look different depending on the field, but you’re likely to spend most of your time on a commercial or residential jobsite. Tradespeople get to spend their time problem-solving, creating, repairing and paying close attention to detail.


What are the best trades to learn?

When it comes to choosing a trade to pursue, the possibilities are vast! Learning a trade depends on a person’s skills and interests, but some of the best trades to learn may include:

Why are skilled trades in demand?

Skilled trades, like these and others, are often in demand for a number of reasons. Most notably, the Baby Boomer generation is retiring more and more each year—which means some of those trade workers’ positions will need to be filled by new employees. Another reason trade jobs are in high demand? The trades keep America running smoothly, from construction sites to mechanic garages to welding shops and more. Trades are a necessity and a powerful contribution to society.


Explore Trade Programs at Apex

No matter what the future holds for you, if you have a passion for learning a skilled trade, 2023 might be the best time for you to pursue your goals. Apex Technical School has six hands-on trade programs, industry specific equipment, and dedicated instructors who want to see students succeed in the classroom, the shop, and in life beyond school. Learn more about our programs, contact us with your questions, and have a happy New Year!

*Apex Technical School and its instructors are licensed by the State of New York, New York State Education Department.

Disclaimer: Apex Technical School provides training for entry-level jobs. Not everything you may read about the industry is covered in our training programs.