Plumbing and pipefitting classes at Apex Technical SchoolIcon for the plumbing program at Apex Technical School

Plumbing & Pipefitting

There is no time to waste. At Apex Technical School learn the skills you need to enter the plumbing trade. Learn core skills such as the use of hand and power tools, fixtures, faucets, fittings, DWV piping and valves. You also are taught pipefitting skills like sprinkler fitting and fabrication, flange and groove, and socket and butt weld pipe fabrication.

Each plumbing class creates a combined total of 900 hours of training. Half of the training takes place in-class where you learn history, concepts, and plumbing safety. The other half takes place applying theory with hands-on training in a business-like manner.

Plumbing classes include

  • Plumbing Segment 1: This introductory course introduces the student to basic safety as well as the history and concepts of plumbing.
  • Plumbing Segment 2: In this Level 2 class, student will be taught fixtures and faucets, cast iron pipe and fittings, installing and testing piping and installing and servicing fixtures, valves and faucets.
  • Plumbing Segment 3: In this class, students will learn about carbon steel pipe and fittings, fuel gas systems, installing water heaters, reading commercial drawings and servicing pipe systems and appliances.
  • Plumbing Segment 4: This advanced course teaches business math for plumbers, sizing DWV and storm systems, private water supply systems, private waste disposal systems and more.
  • Pipefitting Segment 1: This class is an orientation to pipefitting, pipefitting hand tools and pipefitting power tools.
  • Pipefitting Segment 2: This Level 2 class teaches shop drawings and detailed sheets, motorized equipment, pipefitting systems and more.