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The Bright Impact of Renewable Energy on the Electrical Trade

Renewable energy isn’t just a buzzword anymore. Many U.S. cities run partially or completely on renewable energy, and more plan to make the switch from traditional to renewable energy this decade. In fact, there has only been one year when renewable energy has been on the decline in the past decade according to OurWorldInData.

With such a strong demand for renewable energy, what does going green mean for electricians? How will efforts to ramp up sustainability impact the electrical trade? Let’s dive into what renewable energy means for current electricians and students training for an entry-level electrical role.

Electrical Industry Trends in the Green Economy

The “green economy” is the world’s growing response to our warming planet. If the planet gets too warm due to actions from humans and corporations, the earth will undergo significant climate-related disasters. To slow down this warming process, countries and communities alike are taking action towards creating a “green economy” that has a smaller impact on the natural world while keeping life safe for everyone.

In a green economy, electricians may find that they can work with alternative energies to positively impact not only the electrical trade, but also people who use electricity and energy in their daily lives. Here are some roles electricians will likely be involved as the green economy continues to ramp up.

  • Infrastructure and installation of energy-saving devices and appliances
  • Residential solar panel installation and maintenance, including battery banks to store energy
  • Power-producing wind turbine maintenance
  • Electric vehicle charging station installation and repairs
Three green energy electricians high five on a sunny day

Other Industry Trends

Today, many people think of electricians as leaders in one field—the electrical industry. However, as efforts to build a green economy march ahead, electricians may be called upon in a variety of other industries, such as:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Mass transit
  • Construction and retrofitting
  • Wind and solar power
  • Technology
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial businesses

As more and more companies and homeowners make the switch to clean energy sources, there may be more opportunities for electricians to lend their hands-on training and skills. The green economy could be an exciting career pathway for green electricians and students who want to join the trade.

An electrician checks on a battery storage system that provides alternative energy for homes

Interested in Electrician Training?

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