Why Women Are Well-Equipped for Trade-Based Careers

In the male-dominant fields of trade-based careers, women in trades can face doubts about their careers. You might wonder if you’ll be able to succeed, or if anyone will take you seriously.

With the right training and commitment to the trade, we believe women are uniquely equipped to succeed in trades like HVAC, automotive repair, plumbing and more. And we believe they should be given equal opportunity to bring their strengths to the trade.

If you’re considering vocational school or wondering about trade careers for women, use the following as motivation to pursue your dreams.

The trade customer is often female.

In her article for The Boston Globe Women gearing up for careers in the auto industry, Katie Johnston notes that female car drivers outnumber men. And for in-home trade services, such as HVAC, construction, and plumbing, the resident at home during the time of service is often female.

With an audience largely female, female trade service providers can make their female customers feel more comfortable with the service and repair process. This can often mean more return and referral-based business for the company, simply because its customers become more comfortable understanding the repairs and having the tradeswoman in their homes and cars.

Women can flourish in male-dominant fields.

In her Boston Globe article, Johnston also calls out tradeswomen’s abilities to:

  • Communicate
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Solve problems

Women are uniquely equipped to succeed in both service-oriented and problem-based trades, due to their ability to see details, analyze situations, and communicate solutions. Women in trades, particularly at the beginning of their careers, may feel pressure to conform, or even leave the field. But when they fully understand their innate potential for success, they can set their goals higher and ignore any noise that gets in their way. They can even begin to educate nay-sayers about the strengths of women in trades, creating opportunities for more females to join and further improve trade careers for women.

Mentorship from another female can help women succeed.

Because of the communication and problem-solving skills mentioned above, women make ideal mentors to those new to the industry. If possible, find a woman in your trade, and ask her to mentor you. Even if you aren’t already close, she’s likely to say yes to helping another woman succeed in the industry.

A female mentor can help you do the following as you navigate your potential in a trade career:

  • Better understand and use your strengths
  • Set expectations around female stereotypes
  • Learn how to respond to difficult situations
  • Communicate effectively in a male-dominant field
  • Set attainable goals that lead to career success

Resources for Women in Trades

As you work toward success and improving trade careers for women, we recommend pursuing resources that will help you at all steps of your journey – education, networking, job searching, and career advancement. Explore these resources, based on your trade of interest:


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