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The Value of Technical Education

What is a trade school?

Trade schools specialize in hands-on training that prepares students for entry-level work. More importantly, trade schools help busy students obtain the skills and experience they want to enter the workforce in a chosen field.

A technical education offers many advantages over an education at a traditional, four-year university. Most trade school students agree traditional college doesn’t fit their unique goals. If you’re one of those people, you’re not alone. Let’s examine how a technical education is a valuable way to gain skills and training to enter a new career.

  • Specialized programs prepare students for entry-level work

A trade school curriculum is designed to build entry-level skills. For example, students training in the construction program at Apex learn how to use common tools of the trade to frame windows and doors, install light fixtures, and more. This kind of hands-on learning provides you with practical experience you can use as soon as you enter the workforce. When you solve problems in a classroom or shop setting, you prepare for entry-level tasks.

  • Spend less time in school

If you intend to enter your career field quickly, trade school provides a faster track than colleges and universities, which typically take two to four years to complete. Trade school minimizes disruptions for students who juggle busy work schedules with family commitments. With the option to take day or evening classes, trade schools provide a valuable opportunity that may fit with your lifestyle.

  • Small classes are personal and adult-oriented

In general, compared to traditional universities and colleges, many students at trade schools value the hands-on training, as well as the support and encouragement they receive in their smaller-sized classes. Trade school instructors dedicate time to helping you learn, troubleshoot, question, and expand your skill set.

  • No waiting to enroll

Students who apply to four-year universities often wait months before they start classes. With technical education, you are on a fast-track to enrollment. At Apex, you’ll visit the school, see the workshops equipment, and meet your Admissions advisor. Once accepted, you can complete hands-on career training in as little as seven months.

  • Career Services assists upon graduation

Students who complete trade school training programs receive friendly, helpful assistance. Career Services advisors can help you search for career options that fit your skill sets and goals.

A career and technical education can help you obtain the skills, knowledge, and experience you need for entry-level work. By learning a trade at Apex Technical School, students follow their goals and prepare for positions in their chosen industry.

Disclaimer: Apex Technical School provides training for entry-level jobs. Not everything you may read about the industry is covered in our training programs.