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Being a working student is a demanding lifestyle, so prioritizing balance is essential. As you prepare to take on your career goals, you can add some habits to your life that will help you with balancing school and work. If you’re working full time and going to trade school, try these time management techniques. Trim […]


The plumbing trade is full of famous plumbers who built up their careers like you’re working to do. Use these tips to start your career off on the right foot, and aim to take the trade even further. Sir John Harrington: More is not always better. As noted in our history of the plumbing trade […]


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your future? Do you get discouraged from achieving your career goals? You are not alone. When motivation runs low, it’s essential to stay focused on what matters. Use these simple strategies to feel motivated more frequently – and work through the times when you don’t. Remember why you’re here. […]


If you’re considering starting a career in the – welding field, you might be wondering why there are so many types of welding, and how many you should learn. Different types of welding are used depending on the following factors: Tools available Type of metal you’re welding Timeline and setting of the project Quality needed […]


Are you wondering if hands-on learning works? Adults who choose hands-on learning can reap the following benefits, from a faster education to resume-worthy in school lab/shop experience. 1. Take only the classes you need. Hands-on training programs focus primarily on preparing you for a career. The program curriculum is developed to help build your real-world […]


Early Invention: 1800s The history of auto mechanics began in 1800s Europe with the creation of the first cars. According to, Europeans perfected the first modern automobile by 1901. These late-1800s makers of cars can be considered the first auto mechanics. They engineered, designed, and built the first successful automobiles, launching a trade for […]


It’s a common misconception that leadership belongs only to the executives and manager of a company. In fact, those people in management likely started developing their leadership skills at the same time they started their careers – the same place you are now. Leadership skills can be considered synonymous with employability skills; employers want every […]


While the HVAC trade as we know it today is defined as mechanical systems that help heat, ventilate, and cool (air conditioning) buildings, the modern HVAC system stems from centuries of innovation. Find out how humans first started heating and cooling their buildings, and how HVAC has evolved into an advanced mechanical trade. The History […]


Welding joins two pieces of material together through high energy. Usually, an extra material is used to join the two pieces, or bases, together. The extra material is often added to make the weld stronger than the base metals so the weld will hold. Find out how the history of welding started, and how types […]


Construction is one of the first necessary trades in human history. Starting with the Stone Age and moving to today’s advanced construction practices, find out how humans started the construction trade, and how it has transformed. The New Stone Age (9000 BC – 3000 BC) notes that humanity needs construction to survive its environments. […]


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